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Research, Monitoring & Evaluation and Documentation


Nearly 60% of the core function of the Commission’s mandate entails monitoring, audit and investigation on the status and implementation of the constitution, and specifically on the promotion of gender equality and freedom from discrimination in accordance to article 27 of the Constitution of Kenya in all spheres of life among all Kenyans. However, the functions are undertaken with special focus on strategic interest groups; women, the youth, children, persons with disabilities, minorities and marginalized groups and communities.

With regards to these functions, the department ensures development of appropriate tools for data collection, analysis and undertakes monitoring, evaluation and documentation of the programmes’ outcomes and related outputs for the six departments at the Commission. In addition, the department reviews monitoring issue for all six progammes during the programme design stage ensuring incorporation of critical indicators for performance measurement. The department further oversees the review and documentation of programmme reports for the Commission taking into cognizance the commission’s core functions, mandate and obligations. Since its establishment in 2012, the department has accomplished the following;

  • Supported program departments develop tools for observation and monitoring of the 2013 general elections.
  • Study design for the audit of the land use patterns and natural resource management among minority and marginalized groups and selected communities in Kenya.
  • Developed tools for the assessment of the access and utilization of land, natural resources and development of programs among special interest groups in the marginalized and minority communities
  • Developed simple tracking tools on the achievement and gains on empowerment for special interest groups in the informal settlements in Nairobi.
  •  Design of 10th cycle of performance contracting of indicators on mainstreaming issues of special interest groups and promoting inclusion in the public sector in Kenya 
  • Key performance indicators in the 2013-2015 NGEC strategic plan
  • Contributed to the identification of the minimal standards and indicators for inclusion and inequality for county governance
  •  Identification of initial critical elements and areas in the private sector with opportunity for inclusion and equality
  • Review of the Annual reports  2011/12, 2012/13

Reports so far published include;

  • The National Gender and Equality Commission Annual report, 2011-2013. The Report is pursuant to the National Gender and Equality Commission Act 2011 that requires the Commission to prepare and submit annual reports to the Parliament. The report summarizes achievements of the commission for the period ended 30 June 2013. It provides updates on the Commission’s mandate, structure, progress on planned activities and a report of the Auditor General on the Financial Statement of the National Gender and Equality Commission for this period.
  • 2013 general Elections Observation Report, April, 2013. The report highlights the data collection methods, analysis, election results, conclusions and recommendations.

Reports in the offing:

  • Cash Transfer in Kenya.
  • A report on the technical working group on persons with disabilities Tax exemptions order 2010
  • Strategic Interest group status report
  • Role of Minority and Marginalized Communities in Kenya in Reduction of Emerging Exclusion and Inequalities in Land and natural Resources Management.

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