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The National Gender and Equality Commission is continually looking for talented individuals ready to work with us to actualise our mandate Below are the various ways you can work at the Commission;


This is targeted at students who wish to fulfil industrial attachment requirements as required by their respective colleges.The program runs for a maximum of three months.Prospective candidates can Email our Human Resources for consideration.Email : hr(at) and mark on the Subject line Application for XXX Attachment and clearly state the field e.g ICT and period e.g JUNE-AUG.CVs are regularly reviewed and slots allocated based on availability


Targeted at fresh graduates who seek professional experience.Please send Email to hr(at) and mark on the Subject line Application for XXX Internship.Your CV will be reviewed and if suitable placed on a shortlist.Internship is restricted to those who have already graduated.


We always advertise job openings when the positions arise.Please keep checking this page for the most recent job offers.

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this is the social definition of women and men among different communities and cultures, classes, ages and during different periods in history


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