National Gender and Equality Commission

New Strategic Plan 2019-2024 launched

The Commission has launched a new strategic plan 2019-2024.  The Strategic Plan 2019-2024 sets an ambitious five point thematic areas matrix namely: compliance, monitoring and reporting, investigations and redress, public education and mainstreaming, research and knowledge management and institutional capacity that will guide its strategic interventions in discharging our mandate.

According to Commission Secretary Betty Nyabuto, the initial strategic plan 2013-2015 worth Kshs 4.75 secured less than one quarter of the total budget Leading to some programmes to be shelved. Nyabuto said, the Commission had rationalized the programmes and costs for the 2019-2024 strategic plan by 16% to reflect an aggregate budget of Ksh. 3.99 billion.

 “This translates to a projected annual expenditure of Ksh. 800 million. Going by the exchequer issue trends in the past financial years, it is safe to say that the Commission is grossly underfunded and therefore unable to discharge its mandate and resonate with the needs of the special interest groups whom we serve” said Nyabuto while calling on the National Assembly to ensure the Commission is allocated adequate financial resources to discharge its mandate.

Speaking during the launch, Chairperson Dr. Joyce Mutinda said the Strategic Plan 2019-2024 seeks to build momentum on the successes realized in the initial plan and position the Commission as the institution of choice in providing evidence based interventions on all matters touching on equality and inclusion.

“We shall be investing heavily in the development of a database that will consolidate and avail data on the status of integration of principles of equality and inclusion desegregated fully by categories of special interest groups” said Dr. Mutinda adding that the Commission was taking deliberate measures to strengthen stakeholder engagement through continuous sensitization on areas for collaboration.

The Chairperson called on the Commission’s stakeholders, the government and development partners to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.



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