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Men urged to treat women with dignity

National Gender and Equality Commission’s Chairperson Winfred Lichuma has urged men to treat women with dignity as the world marked the international men’s day Wednesday November 19, 2014.

Lichuma’s remarks came in the wake of cases of women being stripped naked across the country a vice that has prompted national outcry and condemnation leading to public protests.

Lichuma who spoke at a Nairobi hotel during a briefing session with stakeholders in preparation for the launch of the National Gender Based Violence campaign termed the incidents as shameful coming at a time when the country has enacted deterrent laws against sexual gender based violence.

“It is the opinion of NGEC that these incidences could have been forestalled had the relevant State agencies swung into action. Failure to prosecute these acts is not a matter of legislation”. Said Lichuma while urging the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to arrest the perpetrators and have them charged in court.

The chairperson said the country could not afford to sit and watch as women continued to be harassed. “As we celebrate the good men who are husbands, sons and friends, we must also remind those men who think they can strip women that such conduct is completely unacceptable. We cannot have any other woman going through what the victims have undergone.” She added in a terse statement.

She said the Commission will be making follow-ups with the Inspector General of police and the Director of public prosecutions to ensure justice is served.

Men urged to treat women with dignity



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