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Women deputy governors urged to champion equality

NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma has urged women deputy governors to champion equality and inclusion in the running of county affairs. Addressing the women county chiefs at the Windsor Golf Club, Lichuma told the county bosses they had a role to play to ensure principles of gender equality and inclusion are mainstreamed and integrated in county development plans.

At the same time Lichuma implored county assemblies to enact legal frameworks that promote empowerment of women and inclusion of special interest groups among them youth and persons with disabilities.  “Let the county assemblies give an opportunity to women to take leadership positions and seal loopholes that lead to discrimination” said Lichuma.

 Kisumu deputy governor Ruth Odinga called on county governments to give equal opportunity to all when it comes to the tendering process. She lamented that youth and women were getting a raw deal by being awarded minor tenders. “I protested against Kisumu County where youth and women were given tenders worth Ksh.500, 000. Does it mean that they can’t handle tenders worth millions?” posed Odinga.

The Chairperson disclosed that she had written to the President asking for proper administration of the Uwezo Fund to ensure deserving people benefit “I have written to the president on Uwezo fund advising that the funds be allocated to the right persons to prevent a situation where one gains as a youth, again as a disabled and sneaks to the women department” said the Chairperson.

Women deputy governors urged to champion equality



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