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NGEC and KEPSA in partnership talks

The Commission and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Gender & Youth Sector Board have agreed to strengthen cooperation and establish a collaborative research initiative in areas of mutual interest in promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality in relation to special interest groups, that is, women, youth, persons with disabilities, older members of society and the marginalized and minority groups.

At the heart of the discussions was the state of the (Access to Government Procurement Opportunity) AGPO program and the effect of delayed or nonpayment to vendors by government procuring entities. According to the chairperson of the KEPSA gender and youth sector board Eva Muraya, the AGPO program though well intentioned was proving a challenge to many (Small and Medium Enterprises) SMEs due to inordinate delays to pay the vendors. Consequently, most of them had been disenfranchised, closed shop while other were facing auctioneers.

The meeting between the two institutions came ahead of a national summit by KEPSA scheduled for April in which State and non-State actors will meet to explore amplify synergies boost cooperation. NGEC has the mandate of conducting audits on the status of special interest groups including minorities, marginalized groups, persons with disability, women, youth and children. In view of this, Chairperson Dr. Joyce Mutinda said the Commission would embark on a survey to assess the impact of AGPO on the special interest groups. “The findings of the research should inform a policy directive from the government to assist affected entrepreneurs”. Said Dr. Mutinda.

We seek the Commissions partnership in ensuring that genuine youth and persons with disabilities benefit from the access to government procurement opportunities program and that payments are done on time. “said Ms. Muraya. On her part Commission Chairperson Dr. Joyce Mutinda decried the slow pace in paying vendors saying


Members from the KEPSA gender and youth sector board when they toured the Commission



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