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NGEC sponsors the 89th Kenya Music and Cultural Festivals at Kisumu County

The 89th Kenya Music and Cultural Festivals took place at the Tom Mboya Labour College, Kisumu County between November 20th and 26th. The colorful fete saw performers from far and wide give presentations based on the theme "Fostering National Pride, Cultural Diversity, Talent and Economic Empowerment."

In accordance with one of the National Gender and Equality Commission’s strategic objectives; to provide comprehensive and adequate response to sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), the Commission was proud to be a part of the important national historic event by sponsoring a special theme dubbed  “Prevent gender-based violence, protect survivors and respond”.

The classes that were performed in accordance to this special theme were:

  • Class 1302B – An ‘Own Choice’ of a Dramatized Choral Verse in English or Kiswahili;
  • Class 1304B - An ‘Own Choice’ of Comedy in English.

The winners were, Galaxy Theater from Kwale and KPA Peer Educators from Mombasa respectively.

It is the hope that this initiative would not only increase the visibility of NGEC and to promote its mandate, but also “…through this interactive medium we are able to raise awareness on pertinent issues that plague our society, and advocate for change through the dissemination of messages in a creative, and thought provoking manner.” The Chairperson, Winfred Lichuma stated in her opening remarks.

She further mentioned that every day in various forms of mass media, there is a case of GBV reported. “This trend is indeed worrying, what is happening to our society?” She asked all those present to do their part in spreading the positive message and together we will be able to realize and uphold the theme for the 2015 Kenya Music and Drama Festivals.

The festival is a flagship programme coordinated by the Department of Culture in collaboration with non-educational music institutions in the Counties. The programme is managed by a National Committee based in Nairobi and County Committees at the County level. Previously, the Kenya Music and Cultural Festival was under the Ministry of Education from 1926 to 1979. In 1989, the festival was separated into two: Schools and Colleges Music and Cultural Festivals under the Ministry of Education and the Kenya Music and Cultural Festival for non-educational institutions and clubs under the then Ministry of Culture and Social Services.

In his vote of thanks, the Commission CEO, Mr. Paul Kuria emphasized the importance of the Commission’s participation in the festival. “The music and drama festivals provide an opportunity to highlight the positive elements of our cultures. It also provides an avenue to raise awareness on pertinent issues that plague our society.” He further urged the county executive members and members of county assembly who were present to ensure that all counties enact legislation/policies that specifically address issues of gender based violence.  



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