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NGEC faults new cabinet lineup

The National Gender and Equality Commission has faulted the new Cabinet lineup announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta for failing to include women and persons with disabilities as provided for in the Constitution.

Article 152 of the Constitution defines Cabinet as the Cabinet Secretaries, the President, Deputy President and Attorney General.  With 20 ministries this means a Cabinet with a total membership of 23. The gender ratio is 18 men to 5 women. According to Chairperson Winfred Lichuma, the new Cabinet lineup does not comply with the not more than two thirds gender principle and is therefore unconstitutional.

Lichuma said the list also did not include persons with disabilities as required under Article 54 of the Constitution. “The proposed membership of the Cabinet is constitutionally flawed and should not be allowed to pass. We urge the President to correct the anomaly by proposing a Cabinet that reflects the spirit and letter of the Constitution”. Said Lichuma.

The Chairperson urged Parliament to ensure fidelity and adherence to the rule of law while vetting the nominees.

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