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NGEC welcomes Pope, urges him to root for equality

The National Gender and Equality Commission has welcomed visiting His Holiness Pope Francis who jets into the country Wednesday evening for a two day visit that includes an open air public Mass to be held at the University of Nairobi .

Chairperson Winfred Lichuma said Pope Francis visit comes at a watershed moment for Kenya when numerous challenges facing the country call for divine reflection. “We believe that the visit by Pope Francis presents the country with an opportunity to learn and seek blessings for reconciliation and healing”. Said Lichuma.

 Pope Francis has consistently advocated for the benevolent values of humility, kindness, servant leadership, equality and social justice.

Lichuma said the Commission reiterates Pope Francis counsel and urged him to reinforce his message by pronouncing himself on the matter of equity, inclusion and non-discrimination during his visit here in Kenya.

At the same time, she urged Parliament to prioritize debate and passage of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (No. 4) of 2015 Bill to ensure compliance with the not more than two thirds gender principle.



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