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Editors Guild pledges support to realization of the gender rule

The Kenya Editors Guild has vowed to upscale advocacy on the realization of the not more than two thirds gender principle in political representation by setting the agenda for the country as well as directing national debate towards the passage of the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (No. 4) Bill of 2015 popularly known as the Duale Bill.

Parliament is set to debate the Duale Bill following its maturity after the 90 day period required for public participation. The Bill provides for the immediate realization of the not more than two thirds gender principle in political representation in Parliament and Senate.

The resolution followed a successful meeting between the Editors Guild and the Commission where the editors were taken through the process of formulating the Bill and the various options that were considered before the final proposal.

Speaking during the meeting, NGEC Chairperson thanked the media for the support they had rendered throughout the process. “You have been very supportive in disseminating this agenda and we would like you to continue doing so by focusing on the substance of the Bill and what it provides. We believe you have the power to shape public opinion and cause duty bearers to take action that is in the best interests Kenyans”. Said Lichuma.

The Chairman of the Editors Guild Linus Kaikai reiterated the commitment of the fourth estate in playing the watchdog role particularly in constitution implementation. He said the easy part was promulgating the Constitution in 2010 but implementing it had proved to be a herculean task.

Former Justice Minister Martha Karua challenged the media to turn around the narrative about women empowerment and ward off negative stereotypes that continue to undermine the capacity of women to offer leadership. Karua echoed President Obama’s statement on equality when he visited Kenya recently by stating that the country could not possibly make progress if it chose to ignore half of its population in governance matters.

In August this year President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a national campaign dubbed ‘Tubadili, Tusitawi Pamoja’ urging men and women to partner and ensure sustainable development and growth. The campaign reinforces the principles of equality and non-didscrimnation in all spheres of life.

Photo: Editors Guild Chair Linus Kaikai



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