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Boost for two thirds gender rule as President Launches campaign

The journey towards the realization of the two thirds gender principle in political representation received a major boost Thursday after President Uhuru Kenyatta officially unveiled the national multimedia campaign dubbed Tubadili, Tusitawi Pamoja-a Swahili rallying call for partnership between men and women to promote sustainable development

The campaign is part of a broad strategy to lobby for the passage of the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill No. 4 of 2015 which provides an elaborate formula that will ensure that at any one time Parliament is constitutionally constituted as per the two thirds gender principle. The campaign also seeks to promote behaviour and attitude change among voters to appreciate the economic value of electing women in key leadership positions

Speaking during the colorful event President Kenyatta reiterated his government’s commitment to the fidelity of law and the full implementation of the Constitution. “As President, it is my obligation to protect the constitution of Kenya. That means defending among others the provisions on gender equality,” Said Uhuru.  The President said Kenya had made a deliberate decision to break away from the old habit of exclusion by embracing women.

NGEC chairperson Winfred Lichuma said the Commission was excited with the launch of the campaign and the personal commitment by the President to gender equality. “We hope that the President will rally his troops in Parliament to pass the crucial Bill so that we avoid a crisis in the 2017 elections” said Lichuma.

Boost for two thirds gender rule as President Launches campaign



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