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NGEC lauds Obama over Equality Stance

The National Gender and Equality Commission has lauded the President of the United States of America Barack Obama following a rousing speech at the Kasarani stadium indoor arena in which he urged the government to adhere to the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination

Terming Obama’s speech as “sobering” Commission Chairperson Winfred Lichuma said she agreed with the US President call to ensure special interests groups are included in planning and decision making.

Lichuma however cautioned that the country would remain at crossroads if the political leaders continued to procrastinate on critical governance matters such as creating an enabling legal environment to achieve gender equality in compliance with the Constitution and other written laws and international treaties.

“We reiterate our call to the leadership of this country to demonstrate political leadership and goodwill towards the passage of a legal framework that will ensure the realization of the two thirds gender principle in political representation as provided for in Article 27 of the Constitution” said Lichuma.

In his speech Obama called for inclusion and empowerment of women and girls saying they should not be treated as second class citizens.

Photo: Obama addresses the crowd.Courtesy PSCU

NGEC lauds Obama over Equality Stance



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