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NGEC upset over Amb. Monica Juma’s rejection by parliament

NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma has expressed disappointment over the rejection of Presidential nominee to the post of Secretary to the Cabinet Ambassador Dr. Monica Juma by the National Assembly. In a statement the Chairperson attributed Amb. Juma’s rejection by the male dominated parliament to “overbearing patriarchy laced with a huge dose of malice”.

The MPs voted to support a report by the committee that vetted Dr Juma, and recommended that she was unsuitable for the top seat whose holder sits in the Cabinet. The decision by parliament sparked uproar as Kenyans took to the social media to criticize the MPs over the move. Article 154 of the Constitution provides for the nomination of the Secretary to the Cabinet by the President with approval of the National Assembly.

Lichuma said that while the Commission respected the independence of parliament and appreciates the fact that it has no role in vetting of nominees to public offices, it found the reasons advanced to reject Amb. Juma extremely discomforting. 

“We hold that Ambassador Dr. Monica Juma represents a critical constituency of the people of Kenya and is thoroughly competent and suitable to serve as Secretary to the Cabinet. Her rejection therefore sends a perilous signal that women of her stature and caliber are a threat to the status quo by virtue of their gender” said Lichuma.

The Commission urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to re-submit her name for re vetting.

NGEC upset over Amb. Monica Juma’s rejection by parliament



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