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PRESS RELEASE-Rape allegations against Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti

The National Gender and Equality Commission would like to condemn the disturbing allegations of rape against Imenti Central legislator Honourable Gideon Mwiti. The allegations are disturbing and most unfortunate. We condemn the heinous act in the strongest terms possible and call upon the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett to move with speed and commence investigations with a view of taking the suspects to court immediately.

Sexual Gender Based crimes are on the increase even by review of media reports.  No excuses are acceptable. There shall be no sacred cows. It is further disturbing that a lawmaker would be the suspect.  

We call on both men and women to join us to condemn the offence in its entirety. We are concerned about the impunity committed by perpetrators of sexual violence and they need to be brought to book.

Reports of harassment of a female Member of Parliament by his male colleague as reported by the media is not an exception. It is also a crime under the sexual offences Act and action must be taken immediately.

This is not an isolated incident.  Sexual violence occurs frequently every minute but because of shame and stigma, it goes unreported. We salute the survivor who has braved the occasion and made this public. We wish her speedy recovery.

All Kenyans of good will need to join forces to end sexual violence in this country that is meted against children, women and on young boys.

The doctor that administered the HIV test should also be charged and brought to book for violating the HIV testing principles.

We urge Kenyans to remain vigilant and report cases of sexual and gender based violence whenever they occur without fear. Perpetrators of sexual and gender based violence no matter their station in life must face the full force of law.

In conclusion, we renew our call to the Hon. Chief Justice of Kenya Hon. Willy Mutunga to consider setting up special courts for speedy prosecution of sexual violence cases that now appear quite rampant.

Thank you




Rape allegations against Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti



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