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NGEC welcomes new Commissioner Dr Florence Nyokabi

Newly appointed Commissioner Dr. Florence Nyokabi Wachira has reported to the Commission and introduced to members and staff in a brief meeting at the NGEC main boardroom. Speaking during the reception, Chairperson Winfred Lichuma asked members and staff to accord Dr. Nyokabi support and cooperation as she settles down.

On her part, Dr. Nyokabi expressed her gratitude for having got an opportunity to serve at the Commission saying she looked forward to a rewarding experience. “I’m excited to see many of the faces here are youthful and must commend the Chairperson for entrusting the secretariat to young and energetic officers to execute the Commission’s mandate” said Dr. Nyokabi.

The Commission now has three full time Commissioners and a Chairperson.  The NGEC Act 2011 provides for the composition of the Commission to consist of a chairperson and four other members appointed in accordance with the Constitution and the provisions of the Act.

The Chairperson clarified that Abdillahi Alawy who had been nominated by the President was rejected by parliament during the vetting exercise. The president is required to do a fresh nomination and forward the name to parliament for approval.

Dr. Nyokabi awaits to be sworn by the Chief Justice upon which she will formally commence her work as a Commissioner.

Newly appointed NGEC Commissioner Dr. Florence Nyokabi Wachira



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