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New Anti FGM board seeks partnership with NGEC

The Chair of the newly established anti female genital mutilation board  Dr. Lina Jebii Kilimo has sought the collaboration of the National Gender and Equality in fighting the retrogressive cultural practice that has continued to dehumanize the girl child.

Speaking at the NGEC’s main boardroom where she met with the gender based violence sub cluster working group, Kilimo sought the support of the stakeholders to support the new institution as it embarks on a comprehensive plan to root out female genital cutting.

Kilimo who served as a member of parliament for Marakwet East for two terms is an avid crusader against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and is credited for pushing for Kenya's Anti FGM Bill 2011 which criminalises FGM.

She said her board will begin by setting up a secretariat to facilitate the rolling out of programs to address FGM especially in communities where the practice is rampant. NGEC Vice Chairperson Commissioner Simon Ndubai called for adequate funding of the Anti FGM board saying without resources, the institution may not deliver on its mandate.

Commissioner Ndubai also urged the board to design an all-inclusive public education strategy to include men to support the campaign against female genital mutilation. “Female genital mutilation persists in some communities because men are stigmatized for marrying uncircumcised women. There is need therefore to sensitize the menfolk on the adverse effects of FGM and why they need to protect women” said Ndubai.

Kilimo on her part said the composition of the board has brought in members from diverse fields and with necessary competencies to address the FGM issue comprehensively. Commissioner Gumato Yatani of NGEC also voiced her support for the Anti FGM board pledging to coordinate and facilitate the campaign against FGM especially within minority and marginalized communities.

Anti FGM board Dr. Lina Jebii Kilimo (left) with Commissioner Gumato

New Anti FGM board seeks NGEC’s support



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