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NGEC lauds stiff penalties on sex offenders

The National Gender and Equality Commission has lauded the stiff sentences handed out by Wajir Magistrate Linus Poghon Kassan to 3 rapists totaling to 170 years in jail. NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma termed the unprecedented sentences as a breakthrough in the criminal justice system.  

“The landmark maximum possible sentence of 170 years for the rapists presents a deterrent force against sexual offenders and offers hope to survivors especially due to their vulnerability to pursue justice for the violations, and the frequent inability to make claims” said Lichuma in a terse statement.

Lichuma said the negative aspect of the Maslah system –an alternative dispute resolution mechanism presided by elders remains a challenge in North Eastern Region since the community members still value it as a way of settling disputes, even on matters that would necessarily be resolved through the formal judicial system usually at the expense and total disregard of the victim.

Lichuma said the magistrate had set a precedent worth emulating in the courts system and one that hopefully begins to address the negative cultural practices that are discriminatory in nature especially to women and children.

She applauded the commitment and leadership of the magistrate noting it reinforced the court users’ committee members’ efforts in breaking the barriers that form a thin line between culture and the law.

NGEC lauds stiff penalties on sex offenders



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