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Lichuma Seeks Special Consideration For Tana Delta Pupils

National Gender & Equality Commission chairperson Winfred Lichuma has said that the Ministry of Education should give special consideration KCPE candidates affected by the recent Tana Delta clashes.

She asked the Ministry to exempt the candidates from the quota system when the form one selection exercise commences in view of the disruption of their studies caused by the skirmishes.

Lichuma spoke at Dide Waride primary school in Witu, Lamu West constituency. The school is reeling from overstretched resources after accommodating fleeing students from the nearby Riketa village that was hard hit by the clashes.

“It is clear that the skirmishes disrupted learning in the region and the candidates need an assurance that they will not be discriminated on account of poor performance in the forthcoming national exams,’ said Lichuma.

 She also urged the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to set up special examination centres for displaced pupils.

In a meeting with education officials, Lichuma made a passionate appeal for food items, tents and sanitary pads to be provided as a matter of urgency.

She further called on the Ministry of Education to consider setting up a centre equipped with resources to enable the class eight pupils and their teachers to prepare for the forthcoming examinations.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads association Lamu County Kaviha Hamisi called on counselling agencies to offer psychosocial support for children whom he noted had been traumatized by the conflict.

“Most of the children lost their parents and relatives and require psychosocial support and intensive counselling,” said Hamisi.   

Dide Waride primary school has seen its pupil population increase to 470 up from 270 greatly straining the resources.

The head teacher Bakari Said Kheri asked the Government to post 5 more teachers to take care of the extra pupils and especially the candidates who are due to sit for their exams. It was noted that some candidates had not reported back to school.



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