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Norwegian Ombudsman for Children to partner with NGEC

The Norwegian Ombudsman for Children has expressed willingness to partner with the National Gender and Equality Commission in exploring best ways of promoting the interests of children.

Spokesperson Dr. Anne Lindboe who led the Norwegian delegation for a roundtable discussion with the Chairperson and senior programs staff  at the NGEC boardroom said her institution had a lot to learn from Kenya and especially with institutions such as NGEC that are charged with monitoring and auditing children’s welfare..

 “We chose Kenya as a case study due to the enactment of a progressive Constitution that spells out far reaching provisions for the protection of special interest groups rights and we know the country is making major strides” said Lindboe. “The implementation of Kenya’s economic blueprint vision 2030 will be implemented largely by children who are growing up now and as such the country has a duty to safeguard their welfare” she added.

NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma, welcomed the invitation to forge such partnerships saying the Commission is looking at boosting its capacity to develop databases that would enable various arms of the government design interventions to help children who suffer violations and those at conflict with the law.

She said currently Kenya faces an acute problem of borstal institutions citing a case in Busia County in Western Kenya where juveniles have to be referred to another county, 100km away in Kakamega for accommodation.

 “We look forward to exchange visits between Kenya and Norway that would help both countries learn the best practices on promoting children rights” said Lichuma.

 The Norwegian Ombudsman is in the country courtesy of UNICEF on a benchmarking visit.

Photo/NGEC Chairperson Winfred Lichuma(left),Dr. Anne Lindboe(right)

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