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Gender And Women

The department has the main responsibility of mainstreaming issues of gender and women in National and County policies, laws and administrative rules as well as private and public sector. Gender mainstreaming is one of the core functions of NGEC and entails ensuring that the concerns of women and men form an integral dimension of the design of all policies, laws and administrative procedures, in all political, economic and societal spheres so as to ensure that they benefit equally. This is guided by development of gender sensitive standards and indicators, guidelines, tools and facilitating integration of gender equality and freedom from discrimination principles.

The main areas of focus for the department, include:

  • Monitor gender indicators through performance contracting
  • Gender Based Violence(GBV)
  • Climate Change
  • Gender responsive budgeting (GRB)

The major achievements:

Performance contracting: Analyses on quarterly basis the reports received from ministries, departments and agencies, and produces status reports of gender mainstreaming in Kenya.

Gender Based Violence: The department coordinates the National GBV working group that consists of state and non-state actors on a monthly basis. On behalf of the GBV working group, the department is steering the 3 year ‘Keeping the promise to end GBV campaign’ in Kenya.

Climate Change: The NGEC through the department, is the secretariat of the Africa working group on gender and Climate change. Through this mechanism, NGEC influences decisions on climate change both Nationally, Regionally, and internationally through participation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Gender Responsive Budgeting: The department has developed National and County level GRB guidelines to ensure inclusion of gender considerations in the budget making process.

Key Partners:

  1. Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs
  2. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  3. Council of Governors
  4. National GBV Working group members
  5. Coffey International-Jamii Thabiti Program
  7. United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)
  8. Equality Now
  9. Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC)
  10. Ford Foundation
  11. International Development Law Organization( IDLO)
  12. Plan International
  13. Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW)
  14. Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security(CCAFS )
  15. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)



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