National Gender and Equality Commission

Vision And Mission

Our Corporate Identity

A statement of corporate identity is an articulation of the uniqueness of the organization, which identifies the basis of the organization’s positioning in the society. The statement of corporate identity spells the Vision, Mission and Core Values of NGEC.

Vision Statement

A society that upholds gender equality, dignity, respect and fairness for all.

Mission Statement

To effectively and efficiently promote gender equality and freedom from discrimination of all persons in Kenya.

Core Values

The core values constitute shared beliefs and principles that guide the work of NGEC. These beliefs and values are essential and must be upheld because they define the culture of  NGEC.

NGEC core values are:

  1. Fairness: Treat all people with dignity and impartiality;
  2. Transparency: Act in an open and  responsible manner;
  3. Accountability: Take responsibility of all omissions and commissions when executing its mandate;
  4. Respect for Diversity: Value opinions, circumstances, feelings and views of others, taking into account diversity;
  5. Inclusiveness: Facilitate the involvement of all stakeholders in its affairs;
  6. Integrity: Promote honesty and truthfulness.



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