National Gender and Equality Commission

Division Of Finance And Administration

This Division has the responsibility of managing and co-ordinating the financial and administrative affairs at the Commission. As such, the Directorate has a leading role in achieving the Commission’s supporting objective of ensuring that NGEC has the capacity to deliver on its mandate. The sections under this directorate include:


This section is responsible for financial management and strategic planning. The strategic planning drives corporate performance, risk management and organizational excellence. On the other hand, the financial function is to ensure that sufficient resources are available and optimally allocated to facilitate the implementation of the Commission’s strategies and achievement of desired outcomes.

Human Resource and Administration

The role of HR and administration department includes general human resource management including recruitment and placement, employee orientation and induction, development of human resource policies, industrial relations and staff welfare, training and development, and co-ordination of administrative, logistical and support services such as transport, cleaning, maintenance and repair.

Supply chain

This department will host supply chain management functions including procurement to ensure the Commission has all services, goods and works needed to function effectively. The department will ensure that the Commission receives services and goods that meet minimum specifications and standards and deliver services of highest value to its stakeholders in a timely fashion. 


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