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Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation works with visionary leaders and organizations worldwide to change social structures and institutions so that all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to society, have a voice in the decisions that affect the, and live and work in dignity’ Eastern Africa Ford Foundation brochure, November 2012

Grant support is geared mainly to five areas:

  • Protecting women’s rights and therefore ensuring human rights are protected and promoted
  • Strengthening civil society and philanthropy thus promoting democratic and accountable Government
  • Expanding livelihood opportunities for poor households for economic fairness
  • Expanding community rights over natural resources thus ensuring sustainable development
  • Advancing public service media to ensure promotion of freedom of expression

In recognition of the NGEC mandate, the Foundation has awarded a two -year grant  to NGEC running the period 1st May 2013 to 1st May 2015.

The grant is expected to support NGEC undertake the following critical activities:

  • Advocacy, development and dissemination of a national equality policy
  • To seek application and replication of best practices from select model countries on promotion of gender equality and non-discrimination
  • Devolution of NGEC operations and programs to county levels
  • Establishment of a functional monitoring framework and system to provide timely progress performance of the State in achieving gender equality and non-discrimination

Ford Foundation Contacts:

  • Rahimtullah Towers
  • 12th Floor, Upper Hill Nairobi, Kenya Ford-nairobi@fordfoundation.org

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