Policy Statement

NGEC is committed to creating training and development opportunities to the Kenyan youth who are among our target groups

Policy Purpose

NGEC with its wider mandate of promoting and protecting the rights of the vulnerable groups within the society to include SIP, it made a decision to provide opportunity to gain experience especially for the youth.

Levels of internship program:

  1. Internship that targets students who are seeking attachment opportunities for purpose of purely as an academic requirement for completion of a course (Attachments for a maximum of 3 months) with evidence from an accrediated institution of learning for either diploma or degree programs.
  2. 1 year (full time) Internship that targets recent graduates who have completed their studies and have graduated or awaiting graduation
  3. We advertise using various methods and also the application process is an continuous process as different universities/colleges have different academic programs. An application database is maintained for references as and when an opportunity arises.

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