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Human Resource Department

The Human Resource and Administration is concerned with provision and coordination of all human resource and administration activities towards realization of the Commission strategic objectives, goals by ensuring there is competent, qualified and motivated work force to deliver on its constitutional mandate through optimal utilization of present human capacity. The department provides strategic and day to day support to various department/programs.

Broadly the department’s functions are divided into 2, namely:-

a) Human Resource:- That includes:-

  1. Employee Resourcing:- It handles human resource planning, recruitment, selection, placement and orientation and induction.
  2. Staff Training and Development:- To enhance staff competencies and skills through well thought and approved training programs to enhance commission’s and individual performance and productivity and promote career growth, progression and succession plans.
  3. Performance Management:- the department is tasked to ensure staff performance management programs and appraisals are conducted and staff trained on NGEC ‘s and individual expectations. Training needs are identified to mitigate on performance gaps.
  4. Employee Compensation and Benefits:- Coordinates approved compensation and rewards programs in accordance with provided guidelines.
  5. Employee Relations:- tasked with ensuring smooth and conducive working environment. Any disputes and conflicts are amicably handled through a disciplinary/grievance handling mechanism laid down in the HR & Admin policies.
  6. Occupational Safety and Health:- The department strives to comply with provisional of OSHA as regard staff safety and health matters.
  7. Staff Welfare Matters:- The department is also tasked to promote staff welfare at the commission through addressing of all matters pertaining to staff i.e through staff counselling programs, career counselling etc
  8. Human Resource Research:- To keep abreast with the current HR practice and emerging issues, problem solving, the HR department does research on topical HR topics.

b) Administration:-

Office Administration is mandated to ensure there is smooth running of commission’s activities and oversees the day to day operations.

That includes:-

  1. Office Space/Rentals
  2. Fleet Management
  3. Office Maintenance, Repairs and Utilities
  4. Office Security Measures
  5. Office Cleaning
  6. Asset Management
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